Friday, March 19, 2010

New Wiggle Worms

This coming Sunday is the first day of Spring. To honor the occasion I've made new wiggle worms and a bait can. At Christmas, my adult kids had so much fun making new objects for my singing time out of Sculpey clay. I've been wanting to get my hands in some Sculpey ever since, so I made these worms. I used numbers this time so that the worms can be more generic than my other wiggle sticks. I just have to make a numbered list of the wiggle songs to choose when I use these.

I wonder what else I could make with Sculpey clay? Any suggestions?


matilda said...

These are fabulous!!!

Nancy said...

Your wiggle worms are such fun. I just know your Primary children adore you and all the wonderful things you bring to help them learn the songs. I remember the apron you used to teach "Oh What Do You Do In the Summertime" when you were in Columbus. What a fun blog.

The Children Sing said...

Thanks Matilda. :o) I'm a sucker for wiggle worms. I still want to get some of those sticky, icky looking, squishy worms that you see sometimes in the dollar store. I think the boys would love them. Putting them in a dirty looking can would be just the thing, don't you think?

Nancy, welcome to my blog. I have so many happy memories of Primary in Ohio. I kept some notes in a file of what I did, but can't remember many things. The boys remember Santa Fe better. This is one reason why I started the blog. To get things down on "paper". If you continue to read, I hope you'll remind me if you remember things. The apron is the same one -twenty plus years old now.

Diana Howard said...

What cute ideas!!! I'll be using them all!

andrea chiu said...

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