Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Song Review - 5 W's

The 5 W's are useful for both teaching and reviewing songs during singing time. These cards have magnets on the back so that I can post them on the chalkboard. They are most helpful as a teaching aid if the song is narrative in nature. The verses for "Follow the Prophet" (CS-110) are an example of this narrative style, so I can use these cards as a review this month. I'll just post a card one at a time and challenge the children to listen carefully to discover "who" or "what" the verse talks about. I can sing the whole song or just a verse or phrase. It will also work to use just one card each week for a couple of weeks, singing the song through once for review.

This activity could be a little more random if I put the cards in a sack and draw them out one at a time. I can also put them on a cube or a spinner. Just remember that totally random doesn't always work. If there is only one answer for "who" and you keep rolling "who" on a cube, you'll be stuck singing one phrase again and again.

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Sister B. said...

That's brilliant! There are so many verses to Follow the Prophet and I've been worried about the kids really understanding each verse instead of mindlessly memorizing it. This is a great idea to review and encourage active listening/singing of the song. I'm going to ponder how I can utilize the 5W's in my primary. Thank you for sharing! ^^

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