Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Song Review -Color Cube

This is another way to randomly choose who will sing in order to review a song several times. Roll the cube and those children who are wearing the colors shown on top of the cube should sing. I've made a new cube with two colors showing because the group I'm now working with is quite small. No one really likes to sing alone, so I tried to use neutral colors on all sides. This maximizes the number of children singing since almost everyone wears either black, brown, white or off-white, at least in their shoes and socks!

I made this cube out of plastic canvas and yarn. I whipped the edges together and put a large bell on the inside to make the cube roll better. I could have used a large bead or stuffed the cube to make it a little heavier, but I thought a bell was just the ticket. If the cube doesn't roll effectively it might be too light in weight. Cubes need some weight to give them momentum as they roll.


Ethan Mower said...

This is the coolest idea! You are such an exceptional chorister!

The Children Sing said...

Thank you Ethan. You make me blush! :o)

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