Thursday, March 4, 2010

Music Aid - A Microphone

A "microphone" is a useful music aid. This one might look a little dated now. I'm not even sure what current microphones look like! This one is easy to make though. Use a short piece (about 8 inches) of 3/4-inch dowel. I painted mine with gray acrylic craft paint and then sealed it with a matte spray varnish. Push a 2 1/2-in Styrofoam ball on to one end of the dowel to first make a deep impression in the ball. Drip glue into the hole and push the stick in. Let it dry and then paint the ball black. Twist a short length of a silver chenille stem into an "antennae" and attach to the bottom with a thumb tack. I've seen plastic microphones at the dollar stores also.

I use the microphone mainly when I have a bit of extra time. I'll ask a child (or a teacher or leader) to come forward and will ask them a short series of questions in a "V-I-P Interview". I'll ask about their full name, chores at home, a favorite food, pets, favorite school subject, etc. Just one or two questions and then I ask what song they would like to sing.

There are lots of other ideas for a microphone, does anyone else use one?


matilda said...

I use a microphone for soloists. Once in a while I will ask if anyone would like to sing the song we are working on as a solo. Sometimes I get takers (usually girls) and sometimes not. But when someone does come up it's really neat. The kids are impressed that someone their age is brave enough to do it and I think it usually inspires better singing.

The Children Sing said...

That's a great idea. I can think of one or two of our children who would probably be brave enough. Matilda, you always inspire me to be more than just conservative! :) Thank you.

frosty said...

This is an idea that I will be doing at the end of this month. There is a show on tv called the "Singing Bee". It is a game show that tests the contenstants knowlege about song lyrics. For senior primary I have made up posters with the songs writen out with certain words left out. One person from the girls will start to sing. If they can sing the missing word...they get a point. Then the boys will take their turn. We will do this until every song is sung, and hopefully each child will get a turn. (I don't have a very big primary...sometimes only 8 children in senior.) Then in junior primary I thought we could all sing and when the piano stops, have that child sing the next word in the song. I was thinking about using a microphone for this....perfect!!

The Children Sing said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. I love ideas that review a number of songs. I'm thinking of program review here. But we could use this with the phrases of one song as well, especially if it is a long one -like "Follow the Prophet"! Thanks, Frosty, for such a good idea. :)

Peyton Bloom said...

You are the bomb. Dont let the haters stop you because: HATERS WILL HATE BUT LOVERS WILL LOVE. For instance, im a lover. In fact, I am using this great "tuto" to make a mic for 2014's halloween as a katy perry microphone. Im adding a step: SWIRL A RED RIBBOMN AROUND THE BASE OF THE MICROPHONE. GLUE ON SWIRLED. TAPE THE WHOLE BASE GLOSSY WITH CLEAR TAPE. That makes it comply with my outfit. Remember, God blesses you, and He gave you this talent oF.......


I LOVE your work!!!!! good luck in the future!!! from a 5th grader

----- PEYTON B. <8 8>

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