Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Choose and Review - Who Am I?

"Who Am I?" is another easy, fun singing time that you can prepare ahead and have available for one of those weeks. Just write several clues for people or things and assign an appropriate song to sing. Put the clues in an envelope and have the children choose one. Read the clues and guess the person or thing. Sing the song. Although the following clues are already in my box, I think it would be fun to write clues about people involved with miracles to go with the theme in August.

  • I went on a mission to the Lamanites and was put to work tending sheep. I was able to defend the sheep against robbers and the king listened to my message about the gospel. Who Am I? (Ammon = sing Book of Mormon Stories -118)

    Many beautiful things are part of me. I was created by God in just seven days. When people look at me, I can make them happy! What Am I? (The earth = sing My Heavenly Father Loves Me-228)

    One day as I was walking down the road I saw a man who had been beaten. I felt sorry and stopped to help him. I took him to an inn and even paid for his care before continuing my journey. Who Am I? (the good Samaritan = sing Go the Second Mile -167)

    No one believed Noah when he said I would come. For forty days and nights I fell on the earth and caused a great flood. Only Noah, his family, and the animals on the ark survived me. What Am I? (the rain = sing Dare to Do Right- 158 or Rain is Falling -241)

    I am small and round and was made by God to help Lehi’s family get through the wilderness. I can only work by faith. What Am I? (the Liahona = sing Faith -96)

    I was instructed by Heavenly Father to build a boat. My brothers laughed at me because they knew I didn’t know how. I prayed and God blessed me and helped me finish the boat. Who Am I? (Nephi = sing Nephi’s Courage -120)

    I had been taught that I should always pray, but in my country there was a law that said you could not pray. I obeyed the Lord and prayed anyway. I was put into a den of lions, but the Lord protected me and blessed me for being valiant. Who Am I? (Daniel = sing I Will Be Valiant -162)

    When I was young I did many things wrong, but I repented of my sings. With four of my friends, I went on a mission to the Lamanites. We became great missionaries. Who Am I? (Alma the Younger = sing We’ll Bring the World His Truth -172)

    I came down from heaven to help feed the children of Israel when they were in the wilderness. I taste like wafers made with honey. What Am I? (manna - sing For Health and Strength -21)
This makes a good singing time to prepare and leave for a substitute if you're traveling or have an emergency. If you prepare it and leave it in the closet or in your bag, it is also handy if you have extra time for some reason.


Vicky said...

This would be a great way to help them remember the Prophets in "Follow the Prophet". Thanks!!

Melanie P said...

I LOVE this activity! Fun for the kids, easy to prepare, and great and easy to have on hand for emergencies! Thank you!

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