Thursday, August 19, 2010

Choose and Review - Objects for Miracles

For one singing time coming up, I am using objects to represent miracles. The objects will go into my apron with an appropriate review song to sing. I have a nice collection of small objects and am always on the look out for other things. I'll give the children a chance to pick an object from my pocket and guess what that object has to do with a miracle that happened. I'll have a picture handy so that I can remind them of the story and testify of miracles. Then we'll sing the song.

  • Liahona = Lehi's family is directed
  • Whale = Jonah and the whale
  • Lion = Daniel and the lions
  • Earth = Christ created the earth
  • Stone = Stones turned to light for the Jaredites
  • Cricket = Seagulls destroyed the crickets
  • Tomb = Jesus rose from the dead
  • Fish = the loaves and the fishes
  • Frog = the plagues of Egypt
  • Sun = the sun that didn't go down

I love using objects. This kind of singing time is fast so I can review lots of songs and it is easy! It also keeps the kids thinking about what they know. Here is another post about using objects.

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