Saturday, August 14, 2010

Give-away Winner!

Well, that was fun! Congratulations Jamie, you've won the owl magnets. If you'll send an address to my email (, I'll send them out to you. My grandest thanks to everyone who responded. Your comments were all right on the mark and I appreciate you.

In case anyone wants to make the magnets, I purchased the felt owls at Hobby Lobby in the seasonal aisle. Then I found some silk greenery with the leaf triplets and also magnets. If you look at the picture you can see that I simply glued the leaves under a magnet on the back of the felt owl. I used a hot glue gun (a tool that I practically carry around with me). I tried to put the leaves in a couple of different positions so that the owls wouldn't look exactly the same on the board. Then I drew a branch on several cards and colored them with chalk.

If you can't find the felt owls, but still like the owl idea, you could just cut them out of construction paper and laminate them (or not). Then put a thin magnet on the back to post them on the chalkboard. If you made them big enough, you could even write the clues on the back of the owl and save the card step. Easy!


Vicky said...

Congrats to Jamie!

Jamie said...

Yay! Thank you. I sent an email to you today. :)

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