Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Teaching Method - Action Substitutes

If I put my finger to my lips, what word comes to your mind? “Action Substitutes” is another way to add movement as you teach a new song. For each phrase of the song choose one or two actions that will substitute for words in that phrase. For instance, pointing a finger to your head could replace the word “know.” Folding your arms could replace the words “pray” or “prayer.” Two steps in place could stand for the word “follow,” etc. Learn the song, substituting the action for the word. Practice singing it this way so that you can sing it without making too many mistakes. Believe me, this can be more difficult than you think!

When you’re ready to teach, sing the song and challenge the children to identify the missing words. Depending on the complexity of your actions, you may need to be ready with some clues! Teach each phrase, in turn, and invite the children to do the actions with you. Then challenge them to sing the phrases as well.


wendy said...

I used this teaching method last month when we learned: I think When I read That Sweet Story. Simple actions go very well with this song.
It was fun to teach a song that only two teachers even remembered from their primary days.

Jenny said...

What a great, simple idea! I love it!

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