Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Song Review - I Spy Game

“I Spy” is a singing time game that reviews several songs in a fun way. A couple of weeks ago, using this month’s theme about miracles as an example, I looked for pictures of miraculous events in the Gospel Art Picture Kit (GAK) and then assigned one of our review songs to each picture. You can adapt “I Spy” to almost any theme, providing you can locate pictures. The game would work just as well with the upcoming themes of obedience, missionary work and service to others. When you’re ready for singing time, post the pictures on the chalkboard. Demonstrate to the children how to play the game by giving clues to one of the pictures. “I spy with my little eye a picture with lots of yellow. There are people in the picture and small black insects and white birds everywhere.” (Miracle of the Seagulls) When a child correctly guesses the picture, sing the song and then let that child give clues to the next picture. Here are examples of pictures that could be used with miracles as the theme.

100-Creation or 600-The World
112-David Slays Goliath
116-Three Men in the Fiery Furnace
117-Daniel in the Lions’ Den
210-Jesus and the Fishermen
213-Christ Healing a Blind man
214-Stilling the Storm
222-Jesus Raising Lazarus from the Dead
233-Mary and the Resurrected Lord
243-Christ Walking on the Water
302-The Liahona
314-Samuel the Lamanite on the Wall
318-The Brother of Jared Sees the Finger of the Lord
403-The First Vision
413-Miracle of the Seagulls


Ashley said...

Another "I Spy" type game I've seen & done involves going out of the room for a quick second and changing something about myself (add a piece of jewelry, switch my shoes, clip a paper clip to the hem of my dress, etc.) then come back into the room. Sing a song that needs reviewing. After the song, a child can raise their hand and tell what they spied that was different about you. This really gets them involved and singing!

The Children Sing said...

What a cute idea Ashley! I'll bet the kids in your primary have a ball with you. :o)

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