Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Choose and Review - "One Happy Girl"

In the May 2008 issue of The Friend there is an appealing article on page 20 called “One Happy Girl.” The article describes Gabriella Willson (who is now 11 years old) and how she, along with her family, is following the example of Jesus. The article is divided into paragraphs under these headings: Helping Hand, Baptism Day, Family Home Evening, Start the Day Right, and School and the Gospel. There is an additional introductory paragraph that describes Gabbi’s beautiful smile.

I have printed out the information in the paragraphs, cut them and pasted them onto the back of big yellow Smiley faces. I’ll choose an appropriate song for the subject of each paragraph. I’ll explain to the kids that we’re going to meet someone who, like them, is trying to follow the example of Jesus. They can choose one of the cards and we’ll read the brief paragraph. Then we'll sing the song. I’ll also explore with our children the things they do to follow Jesus in similar ways. And, since there are only six paragraphs describing Gabbi, I have made two of the cards ask the question “What can you do this week to follow the example of the Savior?”

This is an easy plan that I have put together ahead of time. July is usually my busiest month so I’m doing myself a favor to have things planned and prepared.

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