Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Choose and Review - Picture Match

A picture match is a simple way to create a singing time that helps connect the children to the principles taught in the primary songs. The pictures can easily be chosen to correspond in some way with whatever the monthly theme is. Taking July's theme as a sample, I have chosen 16 pictures, eight of the teaching and example of Jesus and eight more of children today who are following his teachings and example. I would choose a review song for each picture match and try to use songs that either fit the pictures or choose pictures that fit the songs I need to review. I hope that makes sense.

I would post these pictures randomly on the board and ask the children to study the pictures to find those that match. Sing the song after each match is made. Depending on the length of the songs, we might not have time to get through the whole list, but having more pictures and songs than I need gives flexibility. Experience has taught me to plan for more than I need and the children can still match the extra pictures at the end of singing time. There are many pictures and songs that would work. Here are some that illustrate the idea:

Baptism = Baptism of Jesus / Child baptism = “Baptism” (CS-100)
Scriptures = Jesus in the temple / Child studying scriptures = “Seek the Lord Early” (CS-108)
Prayer = Jesus praying / Child praying = “I Pray in Faith” (CS-14)
Temples = Temple in Jesus’ time / Temple in our time = “I Love to See the Temple” (CS-95)
Sacrament =The Last Supper / Child taking the Sacrament = “Reverently, Quietly”(CS-26)
Work = Jesus working with father / Child working with father = “Do As I’m Doing” (CS-276)
Love One Another = Jesus washing feet / Girl holding rattle = “Love One Another” (CS-136)
Reverence = Jesus cleansing temple / Reverent boy = “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus (CS-78)

Increase the variety by listing the title of the review song on one picture and a way to sing it on the matching picture.

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