Thursday, June 17, 2010

Choose and Review - Case Studies

The 4th of July falls on the first Sunday and we usually have many of the children missing on holidays. So I'll postpone teaching "Come Follow Me" until the second week. I may try to do something patriotic on the 4th, but I know our children don't know many, if any, of the patriotic songs in the book. Because I've spent so much time lately teaching new songs, I'm just not sure I want to take the time to teach new songs on this week as well. So, I have a plan for a choose and review based on the monthly theme. But, I'm still open to other ideas, like finding a way to use that cute marching band hat I posted about yesterday.

Case studies are situations that are fictional but realistic. They help children think about what they could do if they were ever in a similar situation. I like to use case studies in singing time because they so easily connect to the Primary songs and show how the principles taught in the songs connect to real life. I will write case studies that ask “What does Jesus want me to do?” on footprints and post these footprints leading to a picture of Jesus. This will help strengthen the footprint visuals I’ll use the following week to teach “Come Follow Me.” I’ll choose an appropriate review song to sing with each situation. On two or three of the footprints I’ll simply write “What does this song tell you Jesus wants you to do?” I'll invite a child to choose a footprint, read the case study and offer an idea about what to do. Then we'll sing the song.

I could write something like (1) "Your big sister thought that you wrote in her book and was really angry at you. She found out that you didn’t do it and now feels sorry. What does Jesus want you to do?” (2) "You left the milk sitting out on the cupboard all night and no one wants to drink it now. Mom is not happy about this. What does Jesus want you to do?” (3) "You see a mother pushing a stroller and trying to open the door to the library. What does Jesus want you to do?” The Savior wants us to be happy, kind, loving, forgiving, helpful, obedient, honest, and thankful. Our primary songs teach us about all of these things.

This plan is pretty easy. But, you know easy is good. Especially in the summer.

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