Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Marching Band Hat - A Link

The July 1987 issue of The Friend magazine has a cute pattern to make a great marching band hat. Wouldn't it be fun to make one to use for singing time on the 4th of July? I, or one of the children, could wear it to lead patriotic songs. We could even use rhythm instruments and have a marching band. The nursery kids and junior primary would love doing it, but the older kids don't seem to like to march. Or, I could simply set it on the table and let the children choose songs from inside the hat.

I'm not sure that our kids even know any of the patriotic songs. Are any of you planning to do anything patriotic on the 4th? I would welcome suggestions.


Mary said...

Yes, I am going to use flags as a theme for my singing time. Our opening song will be, "America the Beautiful" I think most of our older children know this song.Someone else suggested making flags from other countries and letting a visitor choose one for the welcome song, "Hello". We will substitute our English Hello with that countries Bonjour or Hola, etc. I think that sounds fun. For our closing song I am going to have them sing the first two verses of "Book of Mormon Stories." I love the 2nd verse: "Lamanites met others who were seeking liberty,
And the land soon welcomed all who wanted to be free.
Book of Mormon stories say that we must brothers be,
Giv’n the land if we live righteously." I want to mention Moroni and his flag the "Title of Liberty" and what a choice land we live in.I will also mention that our country is a country with people from all nations. During singing time I will be reviewing "The Holy Ghost" by playing battleship. If we hit a sea mine I will have them sing, "My Flag, My Flag" I found packets of 6 flags for a dollar at Honks and I think I will let them wave the flag as we sing the song. For the senior primary I will add the chorus of "You're a grand old flag" It is in the same key and is so fun to sing. The library of congress has the sheet music available online. It is the original version so I added the newer lyrics as Cohen changed them. I might have my Jr. primary hum the chorus or pretend to blow trumpets of Kazoos. I will keep the flags to use again next week.

The Children Sing said...

Kazoos! If we marched outside with kazoos, even our older kids would like to march! And with fewer children I think I could even afford the kazoos. Our singing time comes at the very end of Primary, before closing exercises, so this may work and it would be like a parade. I'm also now mulling over "Book of Mormon Stories" and international flags. Thank you, thank you Mary for jumpstarting my ideas.

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