Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Song Presentation - "Come Follow Me"

I like the suggestion for this song in the Sharing Time Outline and will use it with only a minor adjustment. I'm going to prepare footprints with the words to the song as directed, but I will arrange them randomly on the board so that they are pointing in different directions. I'll sing the song and ask the children to listen and help put the words in the proper order, arranging them so that they lead to the picture of Jesus. Then I'll use the echo method to help them sing the song. We can remove the footprint cards one or two at a time as we repeat.

I can reuse these footprints on a review week by posting them randomly on the board, facing in. I can invite a child to choose one and ask the primary to sing the phrase that comes before or after the phrase that was chosen. The footprints can again be arranged in order on the board.

At some point, after the children know the song, I can use the footprints for a third review by randomly numbering the back of the phrase. Be sure to have the pianist mark these numbers on the music. I'll put the footprints face down on the floor and have a child toss a beanbag to choose one. The pianist can play the music to that phrase and the children can guess it and then sing it together. This works because each of the phrases are musically different.


Kristin said...

Wonderful adaptations of the footprint suggestion! I'm sure I'll use one or more of your ideas. Thanks!

cassie said...

I always enjoy your thoughts. Thank you for encouraging us to keep going.

ileen said...

You can download the entire PDF file for 'I Know My Savior Lives' 2010 Outline for Sharing Time which has all the links to the graphics needed for activities contain in booklet.
Link is: http://www.lds.org/pa/primary/pdf/PR_2010_SharingTime_04763_000.pdf
You might have to copy and paste into your browser.
Thanks for your ideas

Debbie said...

I just recently received this calling and your suggestions are helping me put a practical meaning to teaching these songs. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I made little shoes to cover the footprints and then let the kids choose which phrases (footprints) to put shoes on.

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