Friday, July 16, 2010

Choose and Review - Cut-Out - Pioneer Adventures

This is an easier alternative to the roller-box activity I posted about yesterday. These pictures are from the Primary Visual Aids Cut-Outs. Just put them in a bag and randomly draw a pioneer "adventure". Choose a review song to sing with each picture.
  • Bear = sing the song softly so that you don't scare it.
  • Hill = sing the song slowly as you go up the steep hill.
  • Rain = stop and sing "Rain is Falling."
  • Ants = stomp the rhythm of the song as you sing.
  • Rabbit = sing the song fast.
  • Bee = use the cut-out as a puppet and sing/hum the song.
  • Lost Cow = have a child leave the room and hide the cow for the "hotter/colder" game.
  • Campfire = invite all the children to help you lead the song.
  • Owl = use the cut-out as a puppet and alternate singing and "oooooo-ing".
  • Stars = sing with the lights turned out.


Jean said...

If I go to the distribution center would I just ask for the "Primary Visual Aids Cut-Outs" and that is where all would find all the pictures you have?

Sarah said...

I was searching the internet for clip-art of pictures similar to these. I just checked with our ward librarian and we have them! Thank you so much for your clever ideas of how to sing the songs. You're an excellent chorister, I'm sure! I appreciate your help!

Jean said...

Thank you! I bought the cut outs and did your suggestion. It was so fun and creative. You are so very sweet to share your wonderful ideas. I appreciate it so much. It was fun tying in Pioneer day with our song, Come Follow Me. Just wanted you to know that it was a success.

Heather said...

I love this idea! I have had these cutouts in my closet since I was called 18 months ago and never used them! I'm guessing I will use them more now that I see their potential! Thanks!

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