Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Song Review - Yoke the Ox to the Wagon

This is a cut-out ox to use in a variation of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Draw a wagon on the chalkboard (so that the children can't feel where to put the ox). Don't worry about how good you are at drawing, all you really need is a box with two wheels and a yoke sticking out the front. A cover on the wagon is optional. Making the ox is a little harder! This one is on poster paper and simply colored with crayons. If you can't face drawing, have one of the children do it. Or, here is a link to a nice clipart image. Put a magnet on the back of the ox so that he'll stick to the chalkboard. When you are ready to review the song, blindfold one of the children. Tell the rest of the primary to sing the song louder and softer as a musical cue to guide the blindfolded child in placing the oxen at the front of the wagon. They should sing softly until the child has the ox in the right spot (or close enough) and then they should sing stronger. Spin the child a couple of times, point him in the right direction and begin singing. If the blindfolded child is smart, he will pay attention to the music as he tries to get the ox in the right place. It is fun to help the rest of the children learn how to give the cue as they sing.

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