Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Choose and Review - Fun Facts

Fun Facts is a very versatile activity for singing time. Write several brief paragraphs describing facts about the monthly or weekly theme, or even a general gospel theme or holiday. Write each fact on a slip of paper or a seasonal shape. Choose an appropriate review song to match each fact and include the title on the paper. Invite a child to choose a fact, read it and then sing the song together. This describes the facts. The fun part comes in creatively delivering the facts to the children. The following examples show how adaptable "Fun Facts" can be.

Pioneer Fun Facts: Write several short paragraphs about the pioneers on a thematic shape such as a wagon wheel. Or, write them on pieces of red paper and crumple the paper to resemble berries. Lightly glue the "berries" to a bush drawn on a poster. Put just a dab of glue, use just enough to hold the berry on the poster but not enough that the paper rips when the child picks it off. Invite the children to pick a berry, read the fact and then sing the song together. I used the following facts from the pioneer game on page 24 in the July 2004 issue of the Friend magazine.

  • Pioneers rested and worshiped on the Sabbath. Name one thing you can do to keep the Sabbath day holy. “The Chapel Doors”(156)

    Pioneers were strong. What can you do to keep your body strong and healthy? “For Health and Strength”(21)

    Pioneers loved their families. Tell what you love about someone in your family. “Families Can Be Together Forever”(188)

    Pioneers worked hard. Tell about one of your responsibilities and how you work to fulfill it. “A Happy Helper”(197)

    Pioneers followed the prophet westward to the valley. Name one way you can follow our prophet today. “Follow The Prophet”(110)

    Pioneers had a testimony that helped them sacrifice for the gospel. Can you tell one way you can strengthen your own testimony? “I Know That My Savior Loves Me”

    Pioneers reported many experiences of being led by the Holy Ghost. Can you tell one way to be worthy of guidance by the Holy Ghost? “The Holy Ghost” (105)

    Pioneers were brave. They faced many challenges with courage and hope. Can you tell one way that you can also be courageous? “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus” (78)

    When pioneers became discouraged they liked to sing to help lift their spirits. What is your favorite primary song? Favorite

    Pioneers were cheerful despite their challenges. How can you show a cheerful attitude? “If You’re Happy”(266)

Here are a few other examples:

Temple Fun Facts: Write facts about temples and how to prepare to go to the temple on flowers that you "plant" around a picture of the temple.

Service Fun Facts: Write facts about people serving around the world (see the Ensign and Church News) and attach them to an object one might use to serve others. Make a display with the objects.

Fathers Fun Facts: Write facts about fathers on fish shapes and use a magnet on a pole to fish for the facts. Ask the child to tell a fact about her own father and then sing the review song.

Missionary Fun Facts: Write facts about missionaries or missionary work on papers and attach them to items or objects missionaries need or use. After reading the fact, have the children identify how they could be a missionary and then sing an appropriate review song.

My post called "One Happy Girl" is another adaptation of the Fun Facts activity.


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I want to sing missionary songs on Sunday, but have been trying to decide how to best present the songs in a cohesive yet fun way. I read your suggestion at just the right time!

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