Saturday, July 17, 2010

Choose and Review - Pioneer Pictionary

These are simple cards that I drew to make it easier to play pictionary. If your older kids are really sophisticated, they may do alright with a title on a slip of paper, but I've found that if the kids can see a picture, the drawing part is easier for them. It also saves a LOT of time because they don't have to stand there thinking of an idea. Before you all have a heart attack and complain that you can't draw anything, just remember that the point is to make a really simple picture. The kids can't draw anything either and they don't care! They just like to play this game. So you need to model a really simple picture, something that the kids could realistically copy.

The cards can be laid face-down on the table. Ask a child to choose a card and, being careful not to show the card, draw the picture on the chalkboard. Invite the rest of the children to guess what the picture is. Sing a pioneer song (or a program review song) or a fun song with each card.

Just in case you don't recognize what these pictures are, I'll list the card with the song I sing with it. ;o) The children I'm working with right now don't know all of these pioneer songs, so I'll have to substitute a few songs about faith or obedience.

campfire =217=Westward Ho

berry bush =216=Little Pioneer Children

shoe =214=Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked

ox =219=The Oxcart

handcart =220=The Handcart Song

bonnet =222=Whenever I Think About Pioneers

stream =236=Give Said the Little Stream

rain = 247=Rain is Falling

wagon =221=Covered Wagons


Kristin said...

I am loving all your pioneer ideas. I have been out of town for a couple weeks, so am missing out on the Pioneer Day fun! I may still use your roller box idea this Sunday. It's wonderful.

sandy said...

I just found your's adorable!!! I have been our Primary's music leader for several years and my best advice is to remember what it was like to be as a little child...think about how they learn and what they pay attention to...and to just enjoy spending the time singing with them. The owls are just as cute as can be!!!!

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