Friday, July 16, 2010

Visual Aids Cut-outs

I should have thought to include a link for the Primary Visual Aids Cut-Outs in the last post. Thank you, Jean, for reminding me. You should probably check the meetinghouse library first, because the cut-outs should be there. Or, they might be in the primary closet. There are 10 sets altogether and they are in large white envelopes. I love to own these because I use them a lot for singing time. There are just a bunch of pictures of nature, people, toys, food, body parts ;o). For this activity I used pictures from the Nature set, Domestic Animals, and Wild Animals and Pioneers, I think.

If you are near a distribution center, they should be available or here is the link to the online catalog where you can also see what is available. I think I'll try to write a post about how I use these.

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