Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Rain" Puppet

This is my rain puppet. We're just going into what we call our "monsoon" season when we often get a rain storm in the afternoon. So, I am just in time to get this finished to use with the younger children in singing time. This puppet has been in my brain for some time now. I made it specifically to go with the song "Rain is Falling." BTW, I am having so much fun singing with the nursery kids. Sometimes they get so excited to see me and that feels pretty good ;o).

To make the puppet, I used an ordinary white cotton knitted work glove as the base. I used plain white thread and a long needle to tack bunches of polyester quilt batting down on top. I tried to keep as much of the thread as possible on top of the glove so that it wouldn't catch on my fingers when I put the glove on. Then I took some blue, gray and white acrylic paint and dabbed it on the batting and the bottom of the glove to create a rain cloud look. The paint actually helps stabilize the batting. I used nylon thread and blue crystal beads to make the raindrops. I threaded the beads on the nylon and then tied knots to suspend the beads in the air. I threaded the beads on to the bottom of the fingers so that the raindrops would dance. When I wiggle my fingers, the crystal beads catch the light and sparkle beautifully.

This puppet is somewhat fragile, in the respect that the littlest nursery kids could tear it apart fairly quickly. Because of that, and the fact that the beads are small in size, I'll restrict its use. (I'll try at least, perhaps I won't even be able to use it in the nursery, depending on the various factors at work there.) I'm hoping to make some smaller puppets (larger beads or drops dangling from a popsicle stick or maybe a child's white tube sock) for the kids to use as we sing the song.

Here are more pictures.


Kristin said...

Gorgeous! I want one, too. :)

Vicky said...

I LOVE the puppet! I can see why you would restrict it's use...especially amongst the nursery kids. Wish we had some nursery kids :(

Keshia Phill said...

How stinkin' fun!!!! I'm not quite as crafty and just use a spray bottle to spritz them as we sing. They still love it, but your idea is way cuter!

The Children Sing said...

Keshia, If I were braver (I'm kind of a old-fashioned, conservative soul) I would use the spray bottle. The kids probably love it!

Anonymous said...

honestly. . .I LOVE your idea. . .so much simpler and not limited at all. . . and. . .no storage of something "fragile"!

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