Thursday, February 17, 2011

Choose and Review - "What's Missing?"

Another fun way to use a display is to play “What’s Missing?” Gather a number of objects related to the theme and assign a review song to each. After an introduction and brief discussion of the topic, choose a child to go out of the room. Invite another child to remove an item from the display. When the first child returns to the room, challenge them to find which item is missing. Then sing the song. Think about assigning more than one song for each item, in case the objects are chosen more than once. It is natural to associate the objects with a particular spot and this aids the memory for the younger children. To increase the challenge for the older children, rearrange the items each time. Discuss and testify of the principles taught in the songs and how they relate to the theme. You could further discuss how things would be different is this were “missing” in our lives.

This month I could play this game with items representing the creation, items that illustrate ways of strengthening families, or objects we use to keep the commandments and follow God’s plan. The picture displays objects related to keeping the commandments

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