Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Choose and Review - A Display

A display is an eye-catching arrangement that presents information about a topic in a visual way. I think of a display as a collection of items that, together, as well as individually, will help me teach a principle or reinforce the monthly theme. I assign an appropriate review song for each item in the display and the principles taught in the songs also reinforce the principle. I usually use objects in a display, but sometimes I include pictures, as well.

The simplest way to use a display for singing time is to briefly introduce and teach the principle and then have the children choose the items, one at a time. We sing the songs and consider how the concepts taught in each song relate to the principle.

To increase the challenge, I sometimes use a word strip with a phrase, a scripture, or a question that matches each item in the display. I put these word strips in a can or basket to draw from and, after the match is made, we sing the song.

The picture illustrates objects that represent ways we can follow God’s plan for us. Just in case you are wondering, the white shoe represents going to the temple- “I Love to See the Temple. The small gift has the word “kindness” inside-“A Special Gift is Kindness.” The apple represents keeping our bodies healthy- “For Health and Strength.” The scriptures remind us to read the scriptures- “Search, Ponder and Pray.” A compass reminds us that we need to “follow” the Savior’s example- “Come, Follow Me.” The little white suit represents being baptized- “When I am Baptized.” The tithing envelope represents keeping the commandments- “Keep the Commandments.” The heart depicts the commandment to love one another- “Love One Another.” The missionary name tag reminds us of the desire of our Heavenly Father to spread the gospel- “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission.” The baby doll represents the command to bear and rear children- “I Am a Child of God.” The sacrament cup was missing from my object bag, but a recognition of the atonement and the sacrament is also a critical part of following God’s plan.

In a really large group, where it might be difficult to see the items in the display, you would have to hold the items up and show them to the group, describing them, if necessary. It may also be possible to substitute larger items, such as a temple bag instead of a temple shoe, or borrow a sacrament tray instead of using the small cup.


Jenny in NC said...

I really appreciate your efforts to make suggestions for large groups! Somewhere in your blog you made some suggestions about how to choose helpers in large groups--it may have had to do with reverence....anyway,it has really helped me. I've tried to do activities where the whole group participates as much as possible, rather than choosing one helper. Or when I really do need one helper, I have the teachers pick someone who is being reverent, rather than choosing a name at random from a jar. These small changes really make a difference. Thanks!

Susan said...

I'm a true fan of using objects, as you know. This will be great for our next choose and review. Thanks for sharing.

Chrissy said...

Kathleen, I love your objects! I have a large primary and I like to use a piece of rope to hang the objects on. The rope goes across the front of the room and all of the children can see all of the objects.

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