Thursday, February 17, 2011

Using Costumes in Singing Time

Children love dramatization. If you are careful with time, costumes can add so much fun to singing time. You have to keep the costumes really simple and easy to put on and off. Otherwise, it takes too much time to dress and undress. This month I’m using simple costumes to dramatize people in the scriptures who followed God’s plan. I’ve written a “Who Am I?” riddle on eight cards and selected a review song that we’ll sing after guessing who the person is. I’ll put the costume and the riddle card into a small paper sack and choose children, to portray the scripture person. I’ll ask another adult to take the children out of the room to dress, then bring them back in, altogether, to sit on a row of chairs. While the children are dressing, we’ll review the song “I Will Follow God’s Plan.” One at a time, I’ll invite the children forward with their riddle. After their identity is guessed, the child can help me lead the song, in costume. ;o)  Here are more pics from my costume box, along with the riddles I’m using:

“I lived during the Old Testament time. I was very beautiful and lived in the king’s palace. I was forbidden to go to the king, but risked my life in order to ask the favor that would save the lives of all my people. Who am I?” (Esther) “Shine On” -144  (Esther's costume is the one above-just a head scarf/band)

“I was alive during the New Testament. As a young woman, an angel appeared to me and told me that I would have a very special baby. I humbly said that I was willing to do whatever was asked of me. Who am I?” (Mary) “Once Within a Lowly Stable” -41

“I lived during the time of the Book of Mormon. The Lord asked me to build a boat and take my family across the ocean to a promised land. I didn’t know how to build a boat, but I learned how. I was obedient to the Lord. Who Am I?” (Nephi) “Nephi’s Courage” -120 (This is built on the idea of an apron with velcro. Very quick to put on and off.)

“I lived in the early days of the Church. The prophet Joseph came to me for help to publish the Book of Mormon. I didn’t have enough money, but I signed an agreement to sell my farm, if necessary, so that the book could be printed. Who Am I?” (Martin Harris) “The Golden Plates”  (This vest is also based on an apron, with ties on the neck and side.)

“I lived at the end of the Book of Mormon. I was asked to take all of the records that had been kept by our prophets and copy them into one record. This record would be preserved by the Lord for a people far into the future. Who am I?” (Mormon) “Book of Mormon Stories” -118 (This belt can be used alone and tied either in the front or back. It can also be tied around a length of cloth draped over the shoulder.)

“I lived during the Book of Mormon time. I, along with other Lamanite mothers, faithfully taught my children the gospel. I taught them to have faith in God. I taught them that God would deliver them, if they did not doubt. Who am I?” (Mother of a young soldier in Helaman’s army) “We’ll Bring the World His Truth” -172 (This one goes on and off over the head. Very easy!)

“I lived during the time of the Old Testament. The Lord commanded me to go into a strange land and spy out the best way to conquer the people. Later, he commanded me to lead the armies of Israel and take the land of Canaan. He told me to be strong and to have courage and that he would see to our success. Who am I?” (Joshua) “Dare to do Right” -158 (This costume also goes on over the head. It is based on a tabard-style apron.)

“I was married to the prophet in the early days of this dispensation. I studied the scriptures and prepared the first hymnbook for the church. I was also the first president of the Relief Society. I tried to be a faithful wife and helper. Who am I?” (Emma Smith) “I Will Be Valiant” -162

Thanks to my sweet daughter, who modeled all the costumes.


Simone said...

they are so cute!!!

Tifany said...

I always admire people like yourself who enjoy using costumes in Primary Singing/Sharing Time. The kids love it! I, on the other hand, can't stand that kind of stuff so I don't ever do it. So I'm glad when others take it on themselves. If I'm asked to do it, I DELEGATE:)

Kathleen said...

Thanks Simone! :O)

Hah, Tifany, you make me laugh! There are also some things I don't touch with a ten foot pole either!
Costumes, along with the inevitable waving of the hands for a turn, and the inevitable child who feels they must be a clown, can sometimes feel like a pain in the neck. I usually choose helpers ahead of time and hide the costumes in a bag so that the kids don't know what's coming until they get out into the hallway. This way, it is already a done deal when they see what's up. As you say, the kids always love it.

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