Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Choose and Review - The List Game

The List Game is a classic add-on concentration game that challenges the memory. You may have played it as an alphabet game, adding items beginning with alphabet letters to a growing list of things to take to Grandma’s house, or on vacation, etc.

To use the List Game for singing time, I create a phrase that matches the monthly theme and leave out the action. Then I think of words that complete the phrase and a review song that teaches this principle and write these on word strips. The word strips go into a can or basket to draw from. As each word strip is drawn, we say the phrase together, and add the action to the list. Then we sing the song. The point is to remember the list of actions and affirm them each time we repeat the list. I usually include two or three word strips that are blank. In this case, the children would be asked to think of a way to complete the phrase and a song that we know that teaches that action. If I had two groups, I would write only the title of the song on the word strip. The older children would be challenged to listen and discover the action taught in the song and then add it to the list.

As an example, this month I could have used the phrase, “I strengthen my family when I         .” (am kind - “Kindness Begins with Me”) The phrase could grow with actions such as smiling, praying, obeying, being thankful, helpful and saying I’m sorry. In the case of a blank word strip, the children would be asked to think of a way to strengthen their family and a song that the primary knows. It would have be fun to staple the word strips together to make a paper chain, testifying that these actions would, indeed, make the family strong.
This is also fun to play in July with pioneer songs. "I am going across the plains and I am taking          ."

I’m thinking that I’ll use this game in September with the phrase “I prepare to serve a mission when I .” (Keep commandments, gain a testimony, exercise, save money, am friendly, pray, read the Book of Mormon, pay tithing, serve others, and listen to the Holy Ghost.)

This game is an easy one to leave in the closet for emergencies or to prepare for a substitute if you know you'll be gone. Whatever the theme, the List Game is a classic activity for singing time.


Diana said...

Thanks for another fabulous idea! I love that this game can be coordinated with the monthly/weekly sharing time theme and a wide variety of songs can be sung.


Kathleen said...

Diana, you are so welcome. This game is one of my favorite stand-by activities.

Jeri Dawn said...

I'm sorry, but I'm not quite understanding this game... How many phrases are available to be drawn out? If it is one phrase then every time a child comes up, do you repeat the phrase adding all of the previous actions and then sing the song? Sorry for my confusion!

Kathleen said...

Jeri Dawn, thanks for making me clarify! There is just one phrase, but with several different "actions" that go with it. So, we draw a different "action" out of the can by turns, and say the phrase together, including all the previous actions in a list. Then we sing the song associated with the action that was just chosen. So, if I were using the game this month, we would say (altogether) the phrase "I follow the prophet when I read the scriptures." and then sing a song about the scriptures. Then we would draw another action from the can and say the phrase "I follow the prophet when I read the scriptures and say my prayers." The list would grow to include as many actions as we have time to sing songs for such as "...read the scriptures, say my prayers, be obedient, prepare for a mission, do my chores, go to church, and be baptized!" Another action is added each time and we sing an appropriate song.

Anonymous said...

So when you say "actions" you aren't talking about the children actually doing an action with their hands or bodies...? You are talking about just adding something to the list, right? They are just saying it, not doing anything, other than singing..? I think that is where I was getting lost. Sorry I am a little slow... and thanks for the explanation. I have another question:
So to play the game for pioneer day, you would say..."I'm going across the plains and am taking a ....?" So what types of things would you say? how does it tie in to the different pioneer songs? Or are they just singing one pioneer song repeatedly?
Thanks for sharing! For some reason my brain is not wrapping around this completely, but I love the idea and want to try it!

Kathleen said...

When I use this game with a pioneer theme the children sometimes will think of an object related to a song that they know, such as "I am taking an oxcart," and we would sing the oxcart song, but more often, they just offer a random object such as a hat, or a horse, or something that doesn't relate to a specific song, in which case we just sing another one of the pioneer songs and move on to another child with an item for the list.

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