Thursday, February 3, 2011

Song Review - "Slide the Spool" Game

“Slide the Spool” is a slight variation of the ring game. To use the game for singing time, thread a spool onto a long piece of string and tie the ends together. Have the children stand in a large circle, holding the string with both hands. As you sing, have the children slide the spool around the string. At the end of the song, the child who is nearest the spool names or tells something having to do with the song.

The Spool Game can easily be used to review one song. I’m using the activity this month for the song “I Will Follow God’s Plan.” I’ll have the pianist randomly stop the music and ask the children to name one way to follow God’s plan. Then we’ll pick up the song where we left off and repeat for as long as the children are interested. I won’t play the game for the whole time; it combines well with other short review activities. If this plan doesn’t come off for some reason, I could bring the game on the week we review “Stand for the Right” and ask the children to name one way they can be true and stand for the right. Our kids already know “I Love to See the Temple.” This activity could be a way for me to review this familiar song, asking the children to name one way to prepare to go to the temple.

The Spool Game is also a fun way to sing different songs on a choose and review week. In this case, each song may have a different question. For instance, tell one way you can “Keep the Commandments.” Name one thing your “Mother Dear” does to make home a lovely place. What is your favorite scripture story? (“Search, Ponder and Pray”) Tell one way we can feel “God Love.” Name one thing you can do to be ready for “When He Comes.” Or, you could choose similar songs that correspond to the monthly theme and ask the children to name or tell something about the theme like one way to obey parents, live the word of wisdom, prepare for a mission, follow the prophet, etc. As far as possible, help the children listen to discover what the song teaches.


Tifany said...

Great idea! How large is your primary? How well would this work with a primary of about 30-40 kids?

Kathleen said...

Tifany, my current primary is quite small. We usually have about 10 to 15 children, but sometimes we have as many as 20. So it is easy enough to move to the back of the room, or to move the chairs. The only way this would work with a large group is if you can move the chairs and make space. I would add more spools if the circle is big. I've used this with large groups in a Stake Activity Day, but we were in the gym. You could also make two circles, if you could find the room, and sing with both groups at the same time. So, I think it would be doable, if the kids were cooperative and you could find space to make 2 circles. Think about adding more spools so that something is coming along little quicker. Let me know, if you try it. ;o)

Tim and Michelle Burgoyne said...

I love reading you blog. A lot of your idea's have worked great for our primary. Thank you for sharing!!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for reading, Michelle, and you are welcome. I always appreciate encouraging comments. ;o)

Nicole said...

Another thought for large primaries is to allow each row/class their own string and spool to slide.

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