Thursday, February 10, 2011

Song Review - Pass Along

Pass along is an entry on my master list that refers to the activity of passing something up and down the rows as we sing a song. It could be a picture or a bean bag or the grab bag or a can or basket. Anyway, we just pass this object along until the music stops, at which time I ask the child holding the object to do something. They could draw another song, name a way to be obedient, tell how to follow the prophet, tell how to show love to their family, etc. Then we begin singing again.

Sometimes we sing the song or a verse all the way through. Other times I ask the pianist to stop randomly. If possible, I’ll pass two or even three items in order to increase the participation. Be prepared to deal with the situation of children “manipulating” where the object lands. If this becomes an issue, I bring out a can with further instructions like “now pass the bag to the child sitting behind you.” This levels the playing field again. Asking the pianist to stop the music at random times also helps with this problem.

I think this could work with a larger group. Adding another object or two could help.


Susan said...

Another GREAT idea! Thank you.

Jenny in NC said...

We haven't played this game for a long time, but we did it last Sunday. We learned "All Creatures Great and Small" and stopped at intervals to say what creations we were thankful for. I was surprised how much the Sr. Primary kids enjoyed this simple activity. It got them moving and laughing, but they still paid attention.

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