Saturday, May 8, 2010

Children with Challenges - A Link

I just read a really great post on special needs kids. Go to and look for this post:Special Needs Kids. The little mouse "lap weight" is so cute and a truly great idea. We have three or four children in our primary who are sometimes a definite challenge to work with. I try to keep something for those who are really wiggly to hold, but the object itself sometimes becomes such a distraction that I almost hate to offer it. I didn't understand about the weight of the item being a factor for some kids. Anyway the ideas offered in the post are practical and helpful and come to me at an opportune time! I know most of you read this blog already, but don't miss this post.

Sofia also posted about children with different abilities back in March and that post was a good reminder to me as well. If you didn't see it check out the link. And, if you haven't read the information the church offers on Teaching All Children, Including Those with Disabilities, don't miss this either. These ways of interacting may take some practice, but it certainly is worth the time we might spend to ponder and learn ways of relating to our children in ways that are positive and uplifting rather than simply frustrating.

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