Thursday, May 20, 2010

Song Presentation - "The Holy Ghost"

This is one of my favorite Primary Songs. Musically it is just so much fun. My childhood home had a long staircase and we used to play on the stairs, skipping up and jumping down. In my mind this song is a musical version of playing on the stairs.

The melody naturally breaks into two distinct musical patterns. This divides the song in half. So the two verses really become four verses in my mind. I think of them sort of like the stanzas in a poem. Especially so, because the words at the end of each pattern rhyme. So I plan on teaching the song as if it has four verses instead of two.

I’ll use discovery questions to teach each section, encouraging the kids to listen. As they answer the questions I’ll have them sing that phrase. Once they can attempt the whole song, I’ll introduce 4 pictures to help them remember the 4 sections.

These are the questions that I’m using: What did Christ promise he would send? What two words describe what kind of a friend the Holy Ghost is? Who will comfort us? Can you name two words that rhyme? What will the Holy Ghost do for us? Who whispers with a still, small voice? What does the Holy Spirit testify of? How will our hearts feel as we listen to the Holy Ghost? By what power are we confirmed? Why is the Holy Ghost given to us? What so I want to listen to? What will I do each time I make a choice?

Because of the up and down movement of the melody, I’ll probably use my wiggle worm puppet to do pitch-level conducting as we review the song. The little ones especially like to follow the puppet.

You can also find suggestions for teaching "The Holy Ghost" in the Sharing Time Ideas on page 16 of the August 2005 issue of The Friend magazine.


Crystal said...

I somehow came upon this blog today and feel so blessed to have done so. Your post on Just Shabby, not Chic really described me. I truly appreciated your insight. I love the concept of making connections to gospel principles. I am a chorister and the stake primary music specialist and I have been trying to teach this concept to them. Thank you for your thoughts and obvious testimony of the gospel that I see in your blog entries.

The Children Sing said...

Crystal, welcome to my blog and thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Please don't ever hesitate to share your thoughts and comments.

Lance and Millie Williams said...

Thank you so much for all your fun, creative, and spiritual ideas! You are amazing and I feel very blessed to have come acrossed your blog as well.

Thank you for visiting The Children Sing. Check back soon for more LDS Primary Singing Time Ideas!