Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still Small Voice - Choose and Review

The August 2005 issue of The Friend has a great Funstuf activity on page 23 that would work readily as a singing time Choose and Review. Since next month’s theme is about the Holy Ghost the content of this activity makes it perfect for June. I’ll need to choose appropriate review songs. I can usually get through six or eight, depending on the length of the song. Then I’ll choose that many of the sentences in the Funstuf activity. I’ll make word cards to post on the board with the review songs on the back. I’ll write the sentences on paper slips and put them into a can or basket to choose. The children can choose a sentence, match the correct word to fill in the blank, and then we will sing the song.

The content of this activity can be adapted to fit just about any theme so this idea lives on my master list under the title "Definitions” Choose and Review.


Lynn said...

I had a question about "I’ll make word cards to post on the board with the review songs on the back". Can you go into a little more detail about what the word cards are? And, I'm curious how you get through 6-8 songs. Do you just have the kids sing through each, or do you let them pick a way to sing it for fun, like using the slinky, or stand sit, boy girl stuff?

The Children Sing said...

Lynn, thanks for making me clarify things. The word cards in this case refer to the words that are meant to fill in the blanks of the sentences in the activity published in the Friend. If you look at the picture you'll see a list of words above several sentences that describe the Holy Ghost. From the list of 11 sentences in that activity, I'll choose 6-8 for my singing time. I'll make word cards for the words that fill in those blanks and post them on the board with a review song on the back of each card. So when the child chooses a word to fill in the blank for the sentence they chose from the basket, they are choosing a song to sing as well. I usually have twenty minutes for singing time. When I do what I call a "choose and review" we usually sing each song through once. Quite often I will have planned a fun way to sing the song, especially if I have a particular music aid that fits a song well. I have the aids lined up on the piano or in the pockets of my apron. Often the kids then want to sing that song again and we will repeat some songs. But, overall, my purpose is to sing several songs. I try to do a choose and review fairly regularly, so that the kids can review songs that I have recently taught them or those that they haven't sung for awhile. And so that they can sing their favorite songs as well as those that help teach the monthly themes. I hope this makes more sense. :O) Thanks again for your comment.

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