Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Pick My Pocket" Choose and Review

"Pick My Pocket" is another review activity designed to help the children make connections to the principles taught in the Primary songs.

Look at the words to the songs you want to review and identify the principles that you would like to emphasize. Design a situation (case study) that will help to illustrate this principle for each of the songs. For example, one of the principles taught in the song “I Know That My Savior Loves Me” is that Jesus loves and blesses children in all ages of history - His character is unchanging. A situation could be written thus. “Some kids at school laughed at the answer Kara gave to a question. As we sing this song, listen for something the song teaches us that would help Kara feel better.” I like the phrases "the love that he felt for his little ones, I know he feels for me." or "wrapped in the arms of my Savior's love, I feel his gentle touch." After singing the song invite the children to share their ideas. Don’t hesitate to share what you had in mind as well. Especially if they “don’t get it.” Briefly discuss and testify of the principle.

Write the situations on slips of paper and put them into the pockets of an apron or some other pocket. The pocket in the picture is simply laminated cardstock with a small paper pocket on the back to hold the slips of paper. I use it sometimes as an alternative to my apron. Invite the children to choose the situations and sing the songs.

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