Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fishing for Phrases - Song Review

Back in February when I read that month’s Friend magazine, I was struck (this post) by what a great story Elder Jose A. Teixeira told about learning to listen to the Holy Ghost.

After I teach “The Holy Ghost” I’ll use this brief story on a subsequent week as an attention getter to introduce a fishing activity to review the song. Following the story, I’ll dump out the fish onto a blue cloth or paper. Depending on how well they learn the song the first week, I can use the fish in one of three different ways.

If they still are unsure of the song, I’ll write half of a phrase on the fish. I’ll divide into 2 groups, perhaps boys and girls, and then invite a child from one of the groups to fish. I’ll sing the first half of the phrase to the group and they will need to sing the second half of the phrase back to me. If they can then sing the whole phrase with me they can “keep” the fish. If they don’t remember or can’t sing the phrase well, then the fish gets thrown back to be chosen again.

If they learned the song pretty well the first week, then I’ll number the fish and correlate that number to a phrase in the song. (Be sure to help the pianist mark the music.) As the fish are drawn, the pianist plays that phrase. If the children correctly guess the phrase and sing it well then they keep the fish. If not, then the fish gets thrown back to be chosen again.

If the kids learned the song really well the first week we won’t divide into groups. I’ll put directions on how to sing the song (such as boys/girls sing, stand to sing, etc.) on a few of the fish along with several other review songs on the rest of the fish for variety.


Mary said...

I was already thinking of using my fishing pole and fish I made when I was a teacher. I printed some fish and put contact paper on them with a paper clip attached. I love your idea on how to teach the song. I was thinking how Father's day is also in June and this could be fun to use that day. A fishing vest with pockets could work for review songs. I am also going to try and make your wiggle worm puppet. I will let you know how it works.

The Children Sing said...

Mary, I like how you think. Focusing on Father's day, reviewing the song and connecting to the monthly theme. All on one week! Wow, you're good!

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